Foundation News
September 20, 2017 Congratulations!
We still can't get over how amazing the 2nd Bradetich Foundation International Double Bass Solo Competition was in September. Thank you to everyone who helped make the competition an extraordinary event that was seen and appreciated worldwide.
Congratulations to the Prize Winners
1st Prize: Dominik Wagner
2nd Prize: Szymon Marciniak
3rd Prize: Marek Romanoski
Honorable Mention: Mikyung Soung
Special Recognition: Sam Suggs

August 14, 2017 31st Annual Bradetich Master Classes

Master Class dates are June 18-22, 2018 and early registration will begin in January 2018.

August 14, 2017 15th Annual Pirastro Strings Elite Soloists

The Pirastro Strings Elite Soloists Program will be in early June, 2018 and will accept only 5 participants to study with Jeff Bradetich for an intense week of lessons, solo master classes and performances. Thanks to the generous support of Pirastro Strings, this program offers free tuition, room and board. The Pirastro company will also supply participants with free strings. Application are due by March 1st, 2018
For more info, please visit:

Donors to the Bradetich Foundation

The Bradetich Foundation would like to sincerely thank all of the donors who have made a financial or in-kind gift to perpetuate the work of advancing the double bass, now and for the future. Thank you!!

Silver Bow:
Pirastro, Annette Muller-Zierach
Solano, Rumano

Bronze Bow:
Solano, Rumano

Founding 100:
Apache Corporation
Battaglia, Kari and Tony
Bradetich, Marilyn
Burre, Steve
Coppoc, William and Ivonne
Dimoff, Maximilian
D'Addario Music Foundation
Emeritus College at UNT
Goodwin, Jr, Dr. and Mrs. Bradford
Hayden, James
Kays, Marilyn
Johnson, Mark & Gayle
Lisle Violin Shop, Mark Lisle
Neubert, David
O'Brien, Orin
Robertson and Sons Violin Shop
Saperstein, Liz and Dan
Siefkin, Bill
University of North Texas College of Music

Honor Gifts:
Albright, Anette, for Philip Albright
Goodwin, Jr, Dr. and Mrs. Bradford, for Adam Goodwin

Carter, Ron
Coppoc, Bill
Dearman, Ben and Christine
Liben Music, Frank Proto

Beatty, Barbara
Hammond Ashley Violins
Hladky, James and Joan
Jensen, Hans
Kassinger, Rob and Carmen
Liu, Tian Yang
Merriman, John
Pool, Greg and Debby
Rockey, Harold and Erna
Stout, Sandy
Wilson, David and Carolyn

Section Leader:
Basses, Nick Lloyd
Blanco, Mike
Burroughs, Mark and Diana
Cincinnati Bass Cellar, Andy Stetson
Clark, Jerry and Rhonda
Cornelisen, Erika
Crampton, Donald and Judith
Drury, Mark
Hanna, Alex
Hansen, Eric
Hilliard, Barbara
Kime, Julia
Marks, James Miller and Constance
McKnight, Linda
Miller, Rich
Musa, Ben
Ogundipe, Akinola (M.D.) and Olayinka
Parker, Charles and Kathryn
Perry, Brian and Kathryn
Reiley, Aaron, Guarneri House
Slapin, Bill
Tong, Yuk-Chi
Yuan, Wen Ting

Stand Partner:
AES Fine Instruments, Arnold Schnitzer
Atwood, Joann
Atwood, Jody
Ambrose, Burnell and Jean
Barkhurst, Vernon and Phyllis
Bass Violin Shop, Bob Beerman's
Beller, Don and Janan
Bozicevich, Ron
Bourguignon, Mary and Steven Daschle
Buck, Michael
Capps, Peggy and Lee
Carbonara, David
Chadwick, Douglas and Nancy Murphy-Chadwick
Creagh, Linda
Cunningham, Frank and Cherry
Davis, Jr., William and Peggy
Deak, Jon
Delache-Feldman, Pascale
Diab, Amanda
Dickson, Kenneth and Janice
Dyvig, Joe and Lisa
Fadeley, Nancie
Ferring, C. Reid and Elizabeth
Fleck, Nia
Graham Public Relations, Patricia Haworth
Green, Nigel
Green, Richard and Barbara
Greene, Rebekah Griffin
Hill Music, JD
Hilliard, Barbara
Howell, Jr, Col. Milton and Peggy Boone
Johnson, Douglas and Joan Levergood
Jones, Catherine
KC Strings
Koehler, David
Kunde, G.M.
Laney, Carl and Clyde
Langford, James and Marcia
Lee, Justin
Lettie, Lisa
Levy, Ben
McCarthy, Charles and Loraine
McKnight, Linda and Jay VandeKopple
McNeill, Perry and June
Mills, Cindy
Nakata, Barbara
Nunez, Kirby
Paer, Lewis
Patterson, Fred and Patsy
Orhon, Volkan
Rainbow, Hildegard Froehlich
Raschen, Gudrun
Riggs, Charles and Edene
Robinson, Harold
Rogers, Robert and Daisy
Roy, Joseph and Betty
Scharnberg, Julie
Shih, Wen-Ling
Shrader, David and Judy Stewart
Siegmund, John and Joy
Stout, Sandy
Stream, Dr R. W. & Dr K. S.
Sturm, Hans
Tarocchi, Angiolo
Tedesco, David and Sarah
Tideman, David and Sarah
Trembly, Dennis
Van Parys, Bryce and Amy Lynn Putnam
Velayos, Edward and Maryann
Whitaker, Sean and Meade
Williamson, Timothy and Celia
Young, David
Zielke, Brad and Christine

Progressive Scales:
Agenbroad, Dorlene
Alexander, Mia Suverkrop
Ali, Sameera
Amorim, Raquel
Batchelor, Wayne
Beasley, John and Veronica
Berger, Brian and Matthew Jacobson
Bollinger, Sara
Bresnick, Tom
The Rev. & Mrs. Fred Brooks, Jr.
Browning, Marjorie and Douglas
Buchanan, William
Cannon, Jacquelyn
Carruthers, Stephen and Margaret
Carter, Nick
Cook, Carrie
Culbertson, Jr, Dr and Mrs M.C.
Eckels, Jeffry
Feld, Stephen
Florsheim, Gabe and Adina
Gourley, Sonja
Griesinger, Peter
Hardy, Lancer
Heiberg, Mr and Mrs Harold
Hendrix, Lauren
Jacobson, Dr. Arminta Lee and Grant
KC Strings, Misha Krutz
Lambert, Ian
Lettie, Lisa
Little, Frank
Marts, Tola and Tracy
McCormick, Gaelen
McGuire, David and Ruth
Mullin, Emily
Nelson, Jr., Mrs. L A
Nunez, Carold and Rebecca
Perry, Philip and Sigrid
Quam, David and Trisha
Rath, Eric
Rosenberg, Marlene
Rowley, David & Carol
Saizdelamora, Kit and Cef
Shade, Scott & Terry
Shaughnessy, Steve
Valentine, Kimberly and Danny Bush
Vinsant, Julie
Wasserman, Ron
Welch, Jeanette


In-Kind Donations:

Corporate Gold Bow:
Kolstein, Barrie
Solano Basses

Founding 100:
D'Addario Foundation
Daddario Orchstral Strings
Herman, David
Robertson and Son's Violin Shop

Hammond Ashley Violins
Battaglia, Kari
Bradetich, Aaron
Bradetich, Judi
Capps, Peggy and Lee
Cobb, Tim
Cornelisen, Erika
Deak, Jon
David Gage String Instruments
Gage, Judy
Harman, Maria
Hayden, James
Jensen, Hans and Fumiko
Kasselman, Rob
KC Strings
International Society of Bassists
Lerner, Kiyoko
Levy, Ben
Perry, Brian
Raschen, Gudrun
Reid, Rufus
Reunion Blues
Roy, Joe and Betty
Strings Magazine
The Strad Magazine
University of North Texas College of Music
Vinsant, Julie

Bradetich, Abigail
Bradetich, Amara
Calin, Rachel
Lemur Music
Muroki, Kurt

Section Leader:
Bancroft, Sue and Chris
Finlay, Sam
Gowers, Todd
Hansen, Eric
Hartery, Michael
Johnson, Jackie
Liu, Tian Yang
Marchi, Michael
Rocha, Eno
Womack, Louisa

Stand Partner:
Affeldt, Albert
Amorim, George
Camarillo, Samuel
Che, Man Wai
Chen, Yu Jen
Christy, Katie
Coppoc, Will
Ettorre, Giuseppe
Fadeley, Nancie
Hardy, Lancer
Hung, Yu Wei
Kim, Chris
McFadden, Nancy
Phillips, Jason
Robinson, Trevor
Shrader, David and Stewart, Judy
Shih, Wen Ling
Wymer, Keith